12-11-2022 a crusty guy, sweatshirts and yet another smart bed

06-10-2022 miscellaneous

19-09-2022 entering my glowing keyboard era

18-09-2022 yea this is education!

17-09-2022 personalizing myself

14-09-2022 age of technology

11-09-2022 some recurring themes

04-09-2022 i'm an old man with bad hearing who has to start playing dnd today

30-08-2022 two desirable items

19-08-2022 puppy prices & suspicious lung cleaning device

16-08-2022 i'm not really looking for real estate

15-08-2022 lol therapy

13-08-2022 last one is a classic no ad-ad

11-08-2022 free iq test, happy remote worker and some used furniture

10-08-2022 dunno

09-08-2022 irl i'm not obsessed with animé, but i do like gaming

08-08-2022 some crystals & vacation homes straight from my subconscious

05-08-2022 what i truly long for